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Our Company

Farrell Carota Landscaping (FCL) was founded in 2005 as a small business with a large passion for what we do. Our company is staffed by an immensely talented team. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of work to meet and exceed customer expectations. FCL services residential and commercial clients offering a variety of landscaping services to meet your needs.


Farrell Carota Landscaping specialized services include:

  • Large Tree Transplanting

  • Site Excavation

  • Landscape Design and Installation

  • Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance


Farrell Carota Landscaping is also able to offer:

  • Wholesale Nursery Supply

  • Specialized Equipment and Operator Services


Our Owner

After developing a love for hard work and heavy machinery early in life, Farrell started landscaping while still in grade school. He first began a small plowing and mowing business. Farrell then began working for landscapers, tree companies and masons to learn his craft from the masters. He eventually founded Farrell Carota Landscaping in 2005. Since then, Farrell has personally participated in every job completed by his company. He has grown the scope of services and equipment available with customer service in mind. Farrell is dedicated to personal service and exceptional performance on every job, as demonstrated by putting his own name on the business.  


It’s clear, that we’re excited and well prepared to help you with your next project. Contact us today to learn more about the services Farrell Carota Landscaping has to offer!


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